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AWEN art studio

Who we are?

We are a small team of professionals in the field of web design, graphic and logo design. We work with more than 8 years in design and art.

For us the most important thing is to do what we love.

Get your Free Quote, to meet your needs and offer appropriate solutions.

What we do?

Web design

Corporate/Company site building
Online shop building
Community/Portal building
Domains and Hosting

SEO optimisation

SEO Audith
SEO Optimisation
Traffic Analysis
Online advertising

Graphic design

Graphic design
Print Advertising
Logo and Brand design
Corporate Identity Building

Digital Retouch

Photo correction
Photo preparing
Photo Isolating
Photo collage



Web design

Параметри S Side M Side Xt Side E Shop HTML
Unique Design Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic site Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Pages 5+ 10+ unlimited unlimited 5*
Contact Form + 12 EUR + 12 EUR Yes Yes. No
Prepared Images 15 15 25 25 10
format A4
2 2 3 3 1
Photo Gallery unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited No*
Additional language No +18% +18% +18% +20%
Administrative panel Yes Yes Yes Yes No
News Module No Yes Yes Yes No
Products catalog No Yes Yes Yes No
Additional Extras Yes** Yes Yes Yes No
Visitors counter + 12 EUR + 12 EUR Yes Yes + 12 EUR
Search Engines Registration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SEO Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Domain
(.com, .net, org, .biz, .info)
and Hosting for 1 year
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price for Domain and Hosting per year 50 EUR 50 EUR 50 EUR*** 50 EUR*** 50 EUR
Support + 240 EUR + 240 EUR + 240 EUR + 360 EUR + 240 EUR
RSS + 35 EUR + 35 EUR Yes Yes No
+ 48 EUR + 48 EUR + 48 EUR + 48 EUR + 48 EUR
Online Invoicing + 360 EUR + 360 EUR + 360 EUR + 360 EUR + 360 EUR
Price w/o VAT 250 EUR 380 EUR from 450 EUR from 500 EUR 250 EUR

Can be added
With Some Limitations
Price for additional image: 2.40 EUR
Price for additional text: 3.60 EUR
Price for addirional photo gallery:
- HTML (15 images) 60 EUR
Big traffic sites must use higher hosting plan.
  VAT is not included in prices

SEO  Optimisation

AWEN art studio offers

  • SEO Audith for websites
  • Optimisation of websites for better search results
  • Search Engines registration
  • Managing AdWords online advertising campaigns
Parameters S Side XtSide Quick CMS Quick Cart HTML
SEO Audith Audith plus Optimisations
Pack Base Premium Base Standart Premium
Общ анализ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyword analysis No Yes No Yes Yes
Analyse of similar sites No Yes No Yes Yes
Search analysis No Yes No No Yes
Report and Recommends Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keywords optimisation Yes Yes Yes
Content optimisation No Yes Yes
Search Engines Registration Yes Yes Yes
Work files installing Yes Yes Yes
Statistic managing (3 months) No No Yes
50 EUR Google Adwords Sample Campaign No No Yes
12 month Traffic Analysis Subscribtion +120 EUR +120 EUR +120 EUR
Price w/o VAT 48 EUR 90 EUR 180 EUR 280 EUR 420 EUR
  VAT is not included in prices

Graphic design

We design all types of print media such as:

  • Catalog, Broshure, Flier Design;
  • Poster and Billboards Design;
  • Card, Folder, Blank Design;
  • Cover Design.

Logo Design

We create logo, brand or trade mark design.

Price for Logo design start from 100 EUR w.o VAT

Logo Design contain:

  • At least 3 projects;
  • Font and color correction of choosen project;
  • Colorfull, Monochrome and Grayscale logo variations;
  • Color scale (CMYK);
  • Vector and Raster files.

Logo vectorisation from 20 EUR w/o VAT

Depend of complexity of logo

Corporate Identity Building

Business Start Pack from 160 EUR w/o VAT

  • Logo design;
  • Blank design;
  • Business card design;
  • Folder design;
  • Color scale (CMYK);
  • Usability rules

Digital Photo Retouch

AWEN art studio offers:

  • Correction and fixing of old photos
  • Print photo preparing
  • Cover photos
  • Photo collage
  • Event photos preparing

For more information see here


About us

AWEN art studio

offer full Web design and Graphic and Logo Design services. Corporate Identity building and advertising strategies. The company is based in Plovdiv Bulgaria since 2007 and has big base from longterm own projects in advertising, internet and visual art.

The project AWEN art exists since 2002 with main purpose to join advertising and art in one effective product.

AWEN art studio works only with high-quality proffesional design, stock images and media.

AWEN (old welshAWEN, [auen]) welsh word for poethic inspiration.






Stefka Pavlova
Master of Fine Arts - NAA Sofia
Graphic design, Illustrations, Digital retouch.
More than 10 years experiance as graphic designer and photo editor

Denis Alexandrov
Graphic and Web design and Development
More than 7 years experiance as graphic and web designer.


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AWEN Network

Our network from brands, services and online applications .



  • osphera
    Our brand for web design services and online applications



  • web-D-sign
    Our brand for web design
  • wiigy
    Online reservation system for airplane tickets.
    Information about destinations and airports.